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What is the South Palm Beach County Foundation's Nonprofit Search?

Nonprofit Search is the unique gateway to information about South Palm Beach County nonprofits. You will find vital facts about nonprofits that can help you make decisions about where to volunteer your time, make a gift, or learn more about community issues.

Each portrait includes comprehensive information that is provided by nonprofits and validated by Foundation staff at least annually.

What is the Reviewed Icon?

The Reviewed icon indicates a nonprofit’s portrait is complete and up-to-date according to South Palm Beach County Foundation's standards and best practices. Reviewed portraits have been analyzed by Foundation staff to ensure the information is complete and current and that the financial information is consistent with reporting documents (IRS Form 990 or audit).

How do we provide the financial information in a portrait?

Information provided in the financial section of each portrait is entered by the South Palm Beach County Foundation staff. The Foundation receives financial documents from nonprofits including the IRS Form 990 (the Return of an Organization Exempt from Income Tax) and financial audits, reviews, or compilations. Our staff analyzes the financial documents and enters financial figures. The original financial documents are provided in the portrait for your review. The nonprofit’s Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer has an opportunity to comment in the Financial Section. These comments can be very helpful in understanding nuanced financial trends and changes within the organization. If you have a question about a nonprofit’s financial situation, please contact the nonprofit directly to learn more.

How do I read a nonprofit's portrait?

Each nonprofit portrait is divided into four main sections:

• Mission and Areas Served —This section contains contact and background information for the organization, including mission, background, and impact statements. Personal statements from the executive director and the board chair may be included.

•Impact - The nonprofit answers five questions about the organization's over-arching goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress.

•Programs— Program descriptions are listed in this section. Each entry includes a brief description of the program and program category. Organization's describe short and long term success measures and provide examples of each program's success.

•Board and Governance—Information about board members, their affiliations and attendance is provided here as well as governance policies that are in place.

•Leadership & Staff - This section provides details about the CEO/Executive Director, senior staff, plans and policies, and the organization’s staff infrastructure.

•Financials—This section includes the current fiscal year’s budget projections and a three-year financial analysis. As non-profits use different financial models, please be sure to read the CEO's comments in the financials section if applicable. The financial analysis provides a history of revenue and expenses, assets, endowment, and capital campaign information.